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Letter to SPS Families RE Coronavirus

Mar 19 2020 7:37 PM

A letter detailing the measures we are taking to implement social distancing and reducing the threat of Coronavirus at Sue Pryor Swimming. Thankyou for your understanding during this unprecedented situation.


To our Swim School Family,

As you are aware the number of Coronavirus cases is rapidly increasing and more businesses and industries are closing because of it. After looking over all of the advice given by numerous officials, both in Government and the swim school industry, our position at this stage is that we are intending on staying open until the schools close or the government specifically say that we must.


The PM’s position on swimming pools, as mentioned yesterday (18th March 2020) is that swimming pools do not need to close at this stage as long as they meet the requirements for social distancing and hand hygiene.

Hand sanitizer is provided for you by the office window. Please use this as you enter the facility.

I am sure that most of you would have heard about social distancing - maintaining 1.5m between each person (unless of the same family). In community sport this is referring to spectators (Australian Sports Commission - Minister for Sport), although we would also like to increase the social distancing in the pool as much as possible to help protect yourself and our staff.

To make this happen at Sue Pryor Swimming we will be implementing a few different strategies:

  1. Teachers will not be taking any children in the pool – each family must have an adult for each child in levels 1-4. If a teacher is currently taking your child in a lesson and you cannot have, or do not have another adult to help, please call me to organise an alternative arrangement. Teachers, as much as practicable, will also maintain their distance within the lesson.
  2. Changes to lesson times – to further increase the Social Distancing, some of our busy time periods will be re-arranged to reduce the number of patrons at the facility. This will be in place from next week onwards. This will involve some Saturday lessons and possibly some week night lessons being moved to Sunday morning. Families affected will be contacted directly.
  3. Go straight home – the most at risk locations at any swim centre are the waiting and change areas so please consider arriving in your bathers, ready to go and just grabbing your towel or dressing gown after your swim to go straight home. The toilets and the shower are still available, if required, we would just like to limit the number of people milling around.
  4. Reduced seating – some of our seating has been moved outside and please limit the number of people that are present. If excess people must come they can wait outside, play on the lawn or wait in the car.

As always, please stay home if you or your child are feeling unwell, have any flu like symptoms, an excessively runny nose or have had diarrhoea in the last 2 weeks.


Our pool water, in addition to treating our pool with chlorine, we have an AOP system which consists of Ozone and Ultra-violet (UV) sanitation treatment, this provides the utmost protection against the spread of any germs. In addition to this, numerous leading health authorities around the world are stating that there is no evidence that Coronavirus can be spread to humans through the water of swimming pools. Proper operation, maintenance and disinfection (e.g. with chlorine – as per Australian requirements) of pools removes or inactivates the virus that causes COVID-19.


If we do have to close, all money paid for lessons and lap or rehab will be credited onto your family account. Ideally everything will just be put on hold so, if we can, we will be keeping classes as organised for term 2, ready to start as soon as we are able to.

What is unknown is if schools and ‘swim schools’ do need to close, can we still operate our lap, rehab and aquarobics. Ideally we would like to keep the facility open as we know so many of you need the time in the pool for injury rehabilitation and/or pain management. At this stage it is an unknown and we will share with you any information we can as we find out.


Let us all respond thoughtfully, stay calm and not panic; and continue to look out for each other through this unprecedented situation.

We thank you for your patience and assistance with this situation. If you have anything you wish to discuss further please feel free to contact us at: admin.spswim@bigpond.com or if you would like to contact Tabitha directly please email: tabitha@spswim.com.au.



Sue Pryor (Owner) & Tabitha Lewis (Manager)