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Aug 8 2020 1:02 PM

Managing COVID-19 Restrictions: - Stay away if sick - Sanitize on entry at the gate - Social Distance


A massive thankyou to everyone for your understanding and patience as we work though this tricky time together. We had a great start to the term last week with old and new swimmers starting up again. Please keep the basic 3 rules while at the centre:

  1. Stay away if sick
  2. Sanitize on entry at the gate
  3. Social Distance



To help us keep track of how many people are in the centre at once:

  • Make sure that only one caregiver is attending per swimmer, no second parent, grandparent, cousins, aunties, uncles etc. unless they are looking after a sibling (under 5yo) who is also swimming.
  • If possible, if all of your children are swimming independently please have only one parent come into the centre.
  • During busier times siblings may need to wait outside as numbers are calculated based on the swimmers in the water.
  • If you arrive too early you may be asked to wait outside until closer to your lesson time.
  • Please arrive ready to swim, in your bathers (both students and parents), to save time before the lesson. If possible for those that live locally, after your lesson, wrap up in some towels and/or a bath robe and head straight home for your shower & to change. Change rooms are available for those that require them.



Please keep the door open on the large bathroom so more than one bub can be changed at once then adults can use the curtained rooms to change.



For children that require help in the water, parents must hop in. There are a few unique circumstances so for these please speak to Tabitha



We have noticed that the 1 ½ to 3 age range have struggled the most with returning to the pool. Please be patient – they have had a break for 4 months and may have forgotten some things or lost their confidence. They may retain their skills but the pool is a new place again for many – then throwing in a possible change of teacher and other kids in the class, it is a lot of change. Alternatively they have forgotten their skills without the regular practices so please try and do as much as you can at home in the bath and talk about it.