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Nov 21 2020 12:28 PM

Lap swimming, Rehab and Aquarobics returning. No word on swimming lessons yet.

Due to the state lockdown being lifted early we will be resuming our lap swimming, rehab sessions and aquarobics as of Monday the 23rd of November.


Unfortunately we have no word on swimming lessons yet – a couple of mixed reports in media over the last 24 hours but the official directive implies no lessons.


Booking times remain as they were. Please arrive in your bathers ready to go, have your swim and then wrap up to head straight home so we have minimal use of the change-rooms.

Everyone MUST use the HAND SANITIZER ON ENTRY and regularly while at the facility.

If you have flu/cold like symptoms DO NOT ATTEND.


Since we are now 4m2 person we can only have 7 people in the pool-side waiting area. Please check how many are in the room before entering.

Thank-you for your co-operation and we will see you soon.