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2015 ASCTA Conference

Jul 26 2017 10:23 AM

Sue and Tabitha attended the 2015 ASCTA Conference and brought back lots of new ideas to integrate into our program.


In April, Sue & Tabitha attended the annual ASCTA (Australian Swimming Coaches & Teachers Association) conference in the Gold Coast.

It was very interesting to hear from so many professionals in the field, comparing methods and reinforcing that what we are doing and teaching is “World’s Best Practice.”

Four top Olympic coaches were just some of the presenters, and based on what they said we have made some minor modification to our early strokes (L6).

The coaches’ list of importance is:

  1. Body position (correct head position can be seen in photo no. 1)
  2. Floatation
  3. Kick
  4. Arms

You cannot add a new skill until the previous is done correctly and can be maintained.

Based on this we are planning to do more in Level 5 and up on the kick, aiming to develop a stronger, faster kick in all our swimmers.

The other minor modification being introduced to our early freestyle and backstroke is rotation. This does not mean rolling around in circles, but the body pivoting on a central axis and rolling side to side with each arm stroke. The rotation we are aiming for is shown in photo no. 2. This shows the freestyle rotation just before the arms “catch and change.”

Introducing the roll, although it may seem confusing to the kids sometimes, will increase their arm reach and improve their “catch” on the water, helping to produce faster, more confident swimmers.