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Teaching Children a Respect for Water

Nov 24 2020

This article by Laurie Lawrence sums up why we encourage independence and teaching respect for water by all ages.

Why we...

Nov 24 2020

A short explanation of how we start strokes at Sue Pryor Swimming, and the reason we do each of the steps.


Nov 24 2020

Rehabilitation in warm water takes away the pain.

Do NOT prop open the gate.

Nov 24 2020

Consider your child's safety, and the safety of others, when you teach them how to open and then prop open a gate.

Babies Can Swim - All of the Benefits That May Surprise You.

Nov 24 2020

Lana Whitehead is a Canadian and has been teaching babies to swim for over 40 years. In this short article, she explains why you should teach babies to swim and when you should start.

Two Year Old Independence

Nov 24 2020

The independence of 2yo's and how to work with it during swimming.

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