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Oct 22 2021 2:17 PM

A short explanation of how we start strokes at Sue Pryor Swimming, and the reason we do each of the steps.

At Sue Pryor Swimming we aim to tell you why! Why we do a particular or activity. When developing strokes the most important components are:

  1. Head position
  2. Body position
  3. Kick
  4. Arms

This is also the order of importance; if a child’s head is looking forward their resistance in the water is increased 4x for every cm their head is raised, this not only slows them down in the water but also makes it a lot harder to move any distance and is harder to breathe in Freestyle

Often changing the head position helps to correct the body position, this is why we are always telling the swimmers to look at the bottom of the pool when swimming on their front. The correct body position for swimming on your front is to have the 3 H’s, back of the Head, Hips & Heels at the surface.

Children under 5 often cannot get an efficient kick, the action often resembles riding a bike or running; this is why we do not encourage it until they are swimming the width of the pool. It is possible, with a good body position and push, to glide the width of the pool. Knees must stay underwater when kicking on the back, and feet must not come right out of the water when on their front.

The last component of Freestyle or Backstroke that we work on is the arms. We start with underwater arms for a few reasons. Firstly balance, if the arm is lifted out of the water before the child is completely balanced it makes everything harder as gravity is pushing on their arm. Secondly coordination, we are asking the children to think of many different things during freestyle, allowing them to keep their arms underwater helps them concentrate on the more important components.

As your child learns different strokes you may notice that some parts are often forgotten, for example with the introduction of arms they may forget to kick, this is normal and expected. We allow this until they have learnt the new skill or component then re-introduce the previously learnt skill.

I hope this will help you understand why we do some of the things we do and if you have any questions regarding why they are doing a skill or activity please ask your teacher.